Analytical Chemistry with Laboratory

Lectures: 8 h 

Laboratory: 10 h

Main Topics:

Theoretical basis of chromatographic separations: thermodynamic aspects, kinetic theory of peak broadening and Van Deemter’s Equation. Chromatographic resolution equation. 
Gas chromatography: types of inlets, types of columns, instrumental variables affecting gas chromatographic separation.
Technical specifications of detectors that can be used in gas chromatography. Iphenated mass spectrometry techniques with gas chromatography: electron ionization and chemical ionization techniques. Quadrupole analyzers.
Identification of a chromatographic peak: retention time and retention indexes. Quantitative analysis methods in chromatography: internal standard method, standard addition method, area normalization method.
Laboratory: analysis of a fragrance blend: identification and quantification of the specific components.

    Prof. Massimo Del Bubba, Dr. Lapo Renai
    Department of Chemistry “Ugo Schiff”
    University of Florence, Italy
    email: massimo.delbubba (at) | lapo.renai (at) 
    tel.: + 39 055 4573326