Design and Marketing

Lectures: 8 h 

Packaging Design
This course offers a critical perspective of the morphological and technological evolution of perfume packaging. Through the analysis of successful case studies, the specific designing tools and practices related to packaging will be illustrated.
Packaging constitutes the first real point of contact between the product and the customer, representing one of the pivotal moments for the purchase: a carefully designed product communicate functional and performance values as well as all the intangible values that together converge in the definition and creation of its own identity. In this sense, packaging design is a disciplinary field that connects communication and the product: all the sensory aspects related to form, structure, materials, color, textures, typography, as well as all regulatory information converge into a product that is suitable for marketing. The scientific-functional aspects, which respond to the need to contain, protect, transport, dispense, store, and identify the product, must communicate with the humanistic dimension of the design.
In a globalized world, where the logistic supply chains have a crucial role, the issue of packaging is assuming increasing importance, especially for the ethical and environmental sustainability implications. A clear perspective about the supply chain and its stakeholders is therefore essential in order to learn the methodology to manage the design process and branding skills, to understand the applications from graphics to packaging, and finally, to have an overview of materials and technologies development. Moreover, the selection of the sales channel has a great impact on the design process: today the selection is commonly on an omnichannel dimension, but different strategies can be pursued.
Analysis of the marketing process for new product launches: from analytical marketing to strategic segmentation and targeting approaches for proper market positioning. Fundamentals of operational marketing through analysis of the “4 Ps” of the marketing mix models: product, price, place, and promotion

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