Odour Impact Assessment & Olfactory Pollution

Lectures: 2 h 

Main Topics:

Odor pollution is an undesirable effect of manufacturing processes in different sectors. The olfactory impact on the environment can be more or less extensive and persistent, with variable characteristics of frequency and intensity of the odor. These factors also affect the perceptual variability of the phenomenon, in individual contexts and from individual to individual.
The objective determination of odor is fundamental to overcome the limitations of subjectivity and specificity of the problem, by assessing olfactory impact in a realistic and reliable manner. For this reason the Law establishes suitable criteria and methodologies.
That is why OSMOTECH S.r.l. – Lifeanalytics exists: we measure and quantify odors for small, medium and large companies operating in a wide variety of sectors, helping them to checkup their odor emissions and regulate themselves functionally and ethically.

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